Welcome to Kitty Chroma, where surrealism meets pop art in a vibrant celebration of reptiles, cats, and everything in between! 

Inspired by Hollywood B-Movies. Monstrous surrealism, all in eye-catching neon hues. Kitty Chroma Designs are art pieces that make a statement. Whether you're a reptile enthusiast, a cat lover or simply someone who appreciates the extraordinary, this shirts will spark conversations wherever you go.

Hello, I'm Klaudia, the creative force driving Kitty Chroma. I wear multiple hats as a web developer, artist, and poison dart frog breeder. My passion for reptiles and amphibians runs deep, alongside my affection for cats. It's intriguing to me how these two animal groups typically don't harmonize, and that's where my creative imagination comes into play—I merge them together seamlessly.